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Last update date:  2015/04/20  


The Integrated Tariff of the Republic of Lithuania LITAR is the set of information on EU tariff measures and national taxes as well as some import and export restrictions and prohibitions, compiled and managed as computerised data base.
Integrated Tariff contains data of Integrated Tariff of the European Community TARIC, supplemented by data in force since 1 May, 2004 of national taxes - VAT and excise.
LITAR itself does not have the status of a legal instrument. In order to explore customs duties and other taxes as well as conditions of their implementation you should find out a relevant legislation (EC regulation, Excise or VAT Law of the Republic of Lithuania, etc.)

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Please be informed that from 1 April 2014 for certificates, found by selecting the link "Search certificate" or integrated into tariff measures conditions, the information about the image of the form of certificate and (or) other important information related to this certificate will be provided by selecting a four-digit certificate number with the active link.

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